Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town

2021 / 4K / TRT 12:25 / AR 1.89:1 / United States 

A few years ago as I sat in the dark screening room of an art museum watching a video work, I gradually became drowsy. Between half-asleep and half-awake, I suddenly wondered: Could someone just come to sleep at a free art exhibition? I stayed in the venue until the exhibition was about to end. As I was leaving, I saw a security guard scrolling on his phone in the corner watching Tiktok. The vulgar and loud music did not fit in with the atmosphere of the museum, and I was in a trance for a while.

Then I read the poem Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town by E.E. Cummings by accident. The poem is about two anonymous people, one named Anyone and the other No one. So I came up with this idea of telling a story about a man falling asleep in an art museum and the security guard working there. This story is about seeing and being seen.