Yihan Lin is a Chinese filmmaker currently based in Shanghai. Born and raised in a coastal city—Fuzhou in southern China, Yihan dwells in stunning natural landscape, abundant folk religions and mysterious tales. After graduating from Tongji University in Shanghai, she left for the United States to pursue an MFA degree in Cinema Directing.

Having a background of digital media design, she likes to experiment with different media forms in my film, including VR, interaction installation and animation, ect. In the past three years of practice, Yihan has been trying to achieve a rounded state between narrative and non-narrative, fiction and non-fiction. Her work usually starts from a specific physical space. These spaces include a beach on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, a contemporary art museum in the hustle and bustle of the city, an enclosed hotel room during quarantine, a high-tech zone under construction in a Chinese city...... She is particularly interested in the physical and psychological reactions of people who are in or enter these spaces, either instantly or unknowingly for long periods of time. Often these spaces also gradually become a character in their static coexistence with the characters.

"Departure" and "arrival" about hometown often appear in her works. She is concerned with the dynamically changing hometown in the context of globalization. She hopes to explore universal human emotions and experiences that transcend race and identity - such as nostalgia, such as how human beings migrate from a natural and primitive state of life to a capital society, rather than just an ethnographic presentation of local culture.


Columbia College Chicago, USA, MFA, Cinema Directing, 2021
Tongji University, China, BA, Media and Communication Design, 2019


Instagram: @yiiihanlin