Yesterday I was the Moon (wip)

2021 / 4K / feature / AR 16:9 / China

I come from a southern city in China - Fuzhou, where there are beautiful mountains and seas, and a rich culture of folk beliefs, with temples dedicated to various local gods and goddesses lining the streets. But with the process of economic development and urbanization in the last decades, not only natural land is taken to build modern buildings, but also traditional culture is under attack of technology civilization. Witnessing lots of my relatives’ old houses in the suburb being torn down, I kept thinking: How is people’s life moving on along with these changes? What’s the relationship between organic life and technological, or capitalist life? How do we maintain our humanity in a world that is constantly moving towards the industrial?

I arranged the story around a family. The main character, grandmother, lives with her grandson in an old house which will be demolished soon. Her grandson is about to leave for Greece in a few days and living by herself in this ever-changing environment depresses the grandmother. Longing to find a peaceful way to live on, the grandmother decides to take on a journey with her grandson to find a psychic in order to talk with her dead son. During the journey the growing of the city and technology bond the family tighter in another way.


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